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Social Services Transportation Advisory Council (SSTAC)

The SSTAC is an advisory committee to the Amador County Transportation Commission (ACTC) on matters pertaining to the transit needs of transit dependent and transit disadvantaged persons. The SSTAC also works to coordinate transit services needed or provided by different agencies and organizations to eliminate duplication of service, create efficiencies, and save public funds. The SSTAC’s input shall be considered in and made an integral part of the Commission’s annual “unmet transit needs” hearing and findings process. The composition of the SSTAC, the terms of SSTAC appointments, and precise responsibilities of the SSTAC are found in the Public Utilities Code.

Download SSTAC Membership/Appointments (pdf)

Unmet Transit Needs Process & TDA Funding

The California Public Utilities Code sets forth the unmet transit needs process that is to be carried out on an annual basis if the Amador County Transportation Commission wants to allocate any Local Transportation Funds for local streets and roads or other purposes not directly related to transit, bicycles and pedestrians, or administration.

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Social Services Transportation Advisory Council 2024 Meeting Schedule

  • April 17th
  • June 12th 
  • August 21st
  • October 16th
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