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Room/Equipment Details & Layout



Amador County Transportation Commission
(209) 267-2282

Teleconference Center – Room Rental

Application for Room Rental (pdf)

Equipment Description

  • 1 Polycom HDX 8000
    • This is a high-definition video and audio communication that enables users to interact over video freely.
  • 4 JBL Speakers
  • 2 Vaddio HD video recording cameras
    • Cameras are conveniently located in the corners of the room to capture everything.
  • 3 60? Sharp HDTVs
  • 1 80? Sharp HDTV
  • 12 Danish International Systems Goose Neck Microphones
    • Microphones plug into the floor boxes
    • It is recommended to have no more than 5 microphones on at one time to prevent feedback.
  • 3 security cameras
    • Recording 24/7
  • 1 Crestron Touch Panel
    • The touch panel controls the equipment in the room.
  • 1 Tascam Audio Recording
    • 5 hours of audio recording.
    • Available in different recording formats.
  • 1 Crestron Video Recording
    • 2 hours of HD video recording.
  • 1 Tascam DVD Player
    • This is a single DVD player. Blue Ray is not available.
  • 2 Black Box Wireless Video Presentation System III
    • This allows users to display content from a laptop to each of the HDTV?s wirelessly.
  • 1 JK Audio (Inkeeper)
    • The Inkeeper allows participants to call into the Teleconference Room and comment on meetings via audio.
  • 2 Crestron Computer Transmitters
    • These transmitters are used to display content from a laptop to each of the HDTV?s in the room via HDMI or RGB.
  • 12 Floor boxes
    • Each floor box has an AC outlet, along with multiple CAT 5 connections for phone, internet, microphones, computer transmitters, etc.

Room Layout

Teleconference Center Layout (click on photo for larger pdf):Boardroom Blueprints 1

Small Board Room Layout (click on photo for larger pdf):

Boardroom Blueprints 2

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